Vanessa Bate with easel at the beach in Sydney, Australiafor vanessa bate, drawing and painting out of doors is one of her deepest passions. all of her creations are lovingly rendered just so. she often finds that her biggest challenge is to stay focused on the scene she is portraying, for all around her is a vast beauty that can easily distract her. birdsnests are one of her favourite subject matters to observe, draw, and paint. vanessa also loves wolves, flowers, and landscapes that express strong weather, pristine environments, and quaint seaside hideaways. most recently, vanessa has been exploring paintings that depict both bird’s eye views of animal tracks across landscapes, or effervescent maps of tracks across the night sky. these latest explorations are created by applying thick dots of colour on top of a rich underpainting, and are inspired from vanessa’s travels to australia and from viewing firsthand much of their vibrant aboriginal art. vanessa is fluent in many different mediums, but works mainly in acrylics, oils, conte, handmade and canson papers, and canvas. Vanessa also makes a concerted and conscious effort to print all of her work on 100% post-consumer papers.

vanessa currently resides at the gateway to the Valhalla mountain range in the slocan valley in south-eastern british columbia. in a cozy, wood-heated home, vanessa’s north-facing studio provides enchanting light all throughout the day, and is rapidly filling up with art supplies, books, tools, and a backlog of paintings stacked in various corners and pouring out of closets. besides everything related to art, vanessa is also extremely interested in permaculture, music, travelling, gardening and tuesday morning’s figure drawing group that meet every week at her studio. a mama to many, and a friend to all, Vanessa creates a warm and welcoming feeling wherever she goes. this quality can easily be seen in all her work, and is one of the many reasons why her greeting cards and prints are so popular. you can find them here.

no artist ever appears out of the blue-free from a lineage of those who came before them. every human is birthed, shaped, and affected equally by those around them and by the environment they surround themselves with. Vanessa is no stranger to this idea, and openly honours and celebrates both artists who have come before her, and those whom she is inspired by in the present. some of the artists and art books in vanessa’s library include kimon nicolaides’ the natural way to draw, tom thompson, japanese artists hokusai and hirishige, leonardo da vinci, michelangelo buonarroti, jack butler yeats, edvard munch, paul gauguin, vincent van gogh, johannes itten, henri matisse, jack shadbolt, claude monet, sarah simblet’s botany for the artist, paul hudson’s colour theory and papunya, the place after the story by geoffery bardon which deals with australian aboriginal art.

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